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Why is Linked In becoming like a Tsunami!

  1. This past week I attended a networking event in Boston run by Ken Lubin.  I asked the dozens of recruiters attending the event “how are you seeing the recruiting market and what tools are you using to help you”.  Almost everyone said “recruiting for top talent is still very difficult”.  The vast majority of people were also using Linked in Recruiter.  No surprise on either front.

So why isn’t Linked In  the end all and be all in corporate recruiting.  It is an amazing tool for sure.  Visualize a scene from the movie “The Day After Tomorrow” when the tidal wave rolls over New York City.   Corporate recruiters have access to an unprecedented tidal wave of names.   Some are active candidates most are not.  In my informal survey the other evening the recruiters said they suffer from candidate overload.

Companies have to assume that every employee is being recruited on a daily basis.  All recruiters have has access to the same information on potential candidates.  So, what are you going to do to stand out.  Candidates are going to,  very soon,  build up an immunity to inmails and job solications.

The website Web Recruit had an interesting Blog today on Crowd sourcing.  In the article  they mention that “new research has estimated that by 2014, some 70% of large companies will use gamification techniques for at least one business process”.

How are you going to stand out from the crowd?  What is your brand?  It’s a war for Mind-share.  Who is going to win?  We are entering an entirely new world of corporate recruiting.  As modern and fast moving as everything is right now.  Darwin had it right.

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