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Do you know your calling yet?

Are you in charge of your career?

If you are not a self-starter you best learn to be quickly.  Much of what has been written lately talks about personal branding and empowerment.  You need to own your career or you will end up lost. I read an article today by BILL BARNETT called “Make Your Job More Meaningful” in the HBR Blog Network.  http://blogs.hbr.org/cs/2012/04/make_your_job_more_meaningful.html?referral=00563 In the article Bill talks about Amy Wrzesniewski and her work with job crafting (PDF). She describes three attitudes about work. –  jobs, careers, and callings.  People who have a calling emphasize 3 important things: 1. They emphasize service. 2. They emphasize craftsmanship. 3. They de-emphasize money. I also finished reading the brilliant book by Seth Grogan called Linchpin: Are you indispensable?   In the book he talks about creativeness and how to make yourself indispensable.  As a business owner and as a search professional it is frustrating to continue to see the “show me how to do it” attitude with so many workers.  It’s not about good grades its about getting things done with passion. Show yourself.  Read or listen to something everyday that makes you better.


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