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Do you know your calling yet?

Are you in charge of your career? If you are not a self-starter you best learn to be quickly.  Much of what has been written lately talks about personal branding and empowerment.  You need to own your career or you will end up lost. I read an article today by BILL BARNETT called “Make Your Job More … Continue reading

Why is Linked In becoming like a Tsunami!

This past week I attended a networking event in Boston run by Ken Lubin.  I asked the dozens of recruiters attending the event “how are you seeing the recruiting market and what tools are you using to help you”.  Almost everyone said “recruiting for top talent is still very difficult”.  The vast majority of people were also using Linked in … Continue reading

The 1 thing you can do right now top to stand out from the pack after you interview!!

My good friend Larry Connelly has given me so much good advice through the years.  None is better than this:  So many people in today’s job markets simply do not know how to send proper thank you notes.  Over the past 20 years I have sent hundreds of people in for interviews.  To me the courtesy … Continue reading